About Us


It all started somewhere back in 1995, when overcoming my fear for dogs (it is true, I used to take other routes in order to avoid them), I took home a stray puppy which I found outside the family house in Athens, Greece. I took care of him, but unfortunately lost him after a short time. My sorrow was deep and my father, in order to start studying again, promised to let me have another dog soon.


I remember myself attending my first Dog Show in 1996, finding out what purebred dog means and how many and interesting breeds where there. My attention was caught by Dalmatians and English Cocker Spaniels. After talking with breeders and owners I decided to have an ECS puppy from an upcoming litter. I collected my pocket money (I was still high school student) to pay for her. And it was just before Christmas of 1996 when ‘Electra’ arrived to our house. To my eyes she was the perfect dog, getting me for the first time in the show rings, having my first litter in 1998 under suffix ‘TOY APOLLONOS’ and accompanying me for 9 amazing years. After her loss I didn’t want to have another dog. Till 2011…


That was when Beagles came for the first time in my life. In the beginning it was ‘Angie’, a 3 months old puppy. And not wanting to have her by herself soon after came to me ‘Effie’, from the Hungarian kennel ‘Beagle of Wels’. With my two girls I started participating in shows again, this time handling other dogs too. I have been in World, European and international shows all around Europe with great success, handling our dogs and many other breeds too.

I hope you will find interesting information about our dogs, litters and breeding, shows and handling.