Season Opening International Show, Serbia, March 06

on March 6, 2016

Belgrade CACIB 06.03.2016

Here I Am Of European Friendship ‘Gigi’-chihuahua longhaired in junior class was awarded Exc.1, JCAC and BOS under toy specialist judge mr. Nikola Smolic (HR)
Jayzander Greek Pearl ‘Ollie’-english cocker spaniel in champion class was awarded Exc.1, CAC and ResCACIB under judge mr. Oliver Simon (HR)
Use The Force Coeus ‘Willi’-whippet in champion class was awarded Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and BOG2 under judge mrs. Jasna Matejcic (HR)

With these results Gigi is new SERBIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION, Willi is new SERBIAN CHAMPION and fullfilled requirements for INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION and Ollie is new INTERNATIONAL SHOW CHAMPION and SERBIAN CHAMPION…!!
Congratulations to proud owners Natalia Bouga, Lefteris Baroutsakis and Angelo Koutsoudakis.


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